Teflon Insulated Wire

PTFE Battery Wires

PTFE Battery Wires, cables are tape wrapped wires having uniform protection thickness around the focal conveyor contrasted with the wires protected by expulsion process. PTFE is higher evaluation protecting polymer contrasted with different fluorocarbons that are utilized in expulsion process. PTFE Wires, links have a lot more prominent flawlessness.

SSI Cables is an eminent PTFE Wire Manufacturers. We are the exporters of PTFE Wires chipping away at high voltage and high recurrence. As the world is getting increasingly more techno wise so wherever everybody is utilizing a few or the other innovation to do their work whether it is any house hold work or it is some official work. We will in general utilize a few or the other mechanical or state the electronic framework and along these lines to do the associations, we require wires. These PTFE Battery Wires helps in passing the electrons from one side to the next and in this manner the progression of current happens. These wires are being used as a result of the extreme increment in the machines utilization.

We manufacture Battery Wires sourced from the high class merchants in the market. This crude material is then prepared by our master group of prepared and expert specialists by utilizing the propelled financially savvy innovation to make the wires progressively secure and safe to utilize. We Manufactured the PTFE Wires which is perfect to the business guidelines. We supply the wires with the beginning interest of our customer or state client. These wires have longer existence with the inimitable remarkable execution.


PTFE Wire Manufacturers


  • Offered in various sizes
  • Superior finish
  • Perfect design
  • Compact and easy to use.
  • Flame retardant.
  • Highly resistant against acids, Petrol, and diesel
  • Flexible conductors with PVC thin wall insulation for smaller diameter and lesser weight.
  • Extra flexibility.


  • DC voltage does not exceed 100 V.
  • Bright annealed 99.97% pure
  • 4/0 AWG starter cable has black 90 C Carolprene


  • The highest quality standards
  • Using quality raw materials
  • Maintain excellence and quantity both.
  • Excellence and customer satisfaction
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