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P-TEF House Wire

Here we would like to introduce our newly developed 100% Short Circuit Proof, Smoke Free, Flame Retardant & High-Performance wire named “P-TEF” wire. This is a combination of PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluro Ethylene) and ZHFR-PVC (Zero Halogen Flame Retardant Poly Vinyl Chloride). We use Uni- Lay bunched copper conductor in this wire. Now you can get Automotive, Defense and Aircraft grade PTFE (Inoflon) Protection in your house wire. This is Fire Resistant, Aging Less, Electricity Saver, Chemical Resistant, Moisture Proof, Water Proof, High Load Bearing Capacity, Inert to Fungus & Mold Growth, Great High Surface Resistant, Good Flexibility and easy for handling.

Our primary goal for development of this wire is to protect building from fire accidents due to short circuit and save human lives. This is good for House Wiring, Panel Wiring, Fire Alarms, Lifts, Electrical Doors, AC Fittings, D/C Battery Cables, Solar Panel Cables, Automobiles etc. This can be used where safety, high performance and long life of the wires are required.


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  • 100% Short circuit proof
  • Pure cooper (EC Grade)
  • Unilay Conductor (Easy to handle)
  • Smoke Free
  • Electricity Saver
  • Ageing less (Na Jale na Gale Salon Saal Chale)

Becasue it is made of (Inoflon®), which can with stand 270° to -60° temprature. This is used in space technology, aeronautic, defence, and railways.

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