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Teflon coated cables

SSI Cables is one of the best TEFLON cable manufacturers & exporters in India

SSI Cables manufacturing best quality of Teflon coated cables in India.We use new technology and latest equipments at its manufacturing plant it uses best quality of raw materials to manufacture these cables keeping in mind the SSI Brand value to deliver durable Teflon Coated cables.

SSI Cables assure that their cables will work in all kind of harsh environments.

What is Teflon Coated Cables

Teflon coated cables are non flammable, environmental friendly and non toxic. Teflon coated cables are made to sustain and resist in very harsh conditions.

Teflon coated Cables are safe to use as these Cable have safe materials due to which it can be used in all kinds of environments and these wires are highly versatile to be used as these wires have excellent qualities to resist chemical and it is also highly resistant oil, lubricants and fuels.

These Cables are coated with Teflon which is a synthetic sealant or acts as a sealant to protect the Cable and cables get damaged from outside harsh and arduous conditions.

Teflon coated cables are ideal for use in any kind of conditions and it has numerous applications in multiple industries as Teflon coated cables contain bunch of Taflon wires to deliver very high electrical properties.

Color Available Of Teflon Coated Cables ?

Blue ,Orange ,Brown ,Purple ,Silver ,Red , yellow ,Green ,White ,Black

What is the advatages of Teflon Coated Cables ?

There are numerous advantages of Teflon Cables, and each of them is considered best to a high temperature of 200 oC. Furthermore, these wires are used in many situations, where the temperature is between -65 oC and 250 oC.


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