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Teflon Wire

Teflon coating is known for being the most popular insulating compound out there. Teflons are used in various industries for carrying out different applications. You can use teflon coated wire for reliable insulation. The use of teflon coating is widely used in commercial and residential sector for electrical works. Teflon wires are mechanically rigid and flexible to perform excellent performance in any temperature. Our offered teflon cable is highly appreciated by our clients owing to its tensile strength and shock resistance.

Basically Teflon coated wires are wrapped with uniform thickness and insulation. The use of teflon around a central conductor and the wires insulated by a process where they get non stick coating. Teflons is a tough synthetic ptfe material so that the teflon wires can be protected from tough conditions like water, moisture, heat and harsh surfaces. In these vast conditions the Teflon insulated wire do not get damaged very easily. As the outer layer is highly insulated which gives a high durability to the wires. Teflon coated wire results in very high flexibility without losing its electrical qualities.

Teflon wires are typically used in extreme weather; it can withstand very high and low temperatures. PTFE is durable and exhibits excellent and exceptional electrical properties. PTFE material is higher grade insulating polymer compared to other fluorocarbons that are used in the extrusion process. Therefore, PTFE teflon wires and cables have much greater perfection.

Teflon Coated Wire Specifications:

Flame Resistant:
Teflon coating on wire has excellent fire resistance, ageing resistance and long service life. Teflon wires are considered the best heat resistant wires which are absolutely not flammable. In contrast with the Best dielectric performance high voltage wire, Teflon coated wire is the best choice when it comes to carrying out tasks wherein the temperature exceeds 150°C.

High Temperature Cable:
In an electrical context, use of teflon in HT cables is best to transmit heavy electrical currents. Each teflon coated wire and ptfe cable needs to be connected carefully, from the fuse box to the outlets, appliances, and fixtures.

No Moisture Absorption:
The non stick teflon coated wire provide unparalleled resistance to ozone, alcohol, water, alkalis, gasoline, acids, aromatic hydrocarbons, and solvents. Excellent chemical resistance and better resistant to damage caused by oil and gas.

Flexible and bendable:
A flexible teflon have low coefficient of friction because these wires have cross linking molecules which causes polymer chains to slide past each other very easily which makes teflon coated wire ideal for wire insulation. Teflon Insulated wires maintain a very high flexural strength without compromising the functions of high temperature flexible cable.

Durable in water:
Teflon insulated wire is suitable for wet locations and can varies from low temperature of – 65°C to high temperature of 260°C. The thermocouple wire inside of pipe works, which carry very hot substances, or aggressive chemicals and lubricants. Whether indoors or outdoors, proper installation of teflon coated wire is of paramount importance, confirming a smooth electricity supply without any interruption.

Teflon Wire Manufacturer in India - SSI Cables

We are a significant organization, engaged in offering an enormous range of teflon wires in numerous specifications as per the requirements of our esteemed clients.
Each application needs a specific wire size for installation, and the wire gauge determines the right size for a particular application. Different wire gauge is required for various voltage capacities that individuals can select as per their needs. Teflon wires are also of multiple colors and color coding is done to recognize.

Teflon coated wires are one of the unique products manufactured by SSI Cables and wires. and delivers the expectation from the Teflon wires.

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