PTFE Sleeves

Cable Sleeving

A teflon electrical sleeving is used to insulate and protect wiring, keeping it safe from abrasion and temperature damage. The ptfe teflon is mainly used for protecting teflon wires are standard wrap-around wire sleeves. Which can be applied and removed with a single handle heat shrink cable sleeve, are ideal for this purpose. Other applications require ptfe wire sleeve heat shrink with special material and properties.

The PTFE Teflon Insulation Cable Sleeving is an extremely high temperature resistant sleeve commonly used as thermal protection for wires and cables. An electrical sleeve insulates wires against damage from extremes of temperature and also abrasion, but does not require the application of heat to be installed.

With colour coding to make teflon wires identification easier, electrical sleeving is a toolkit essential for teflon wires and cable manufacturers.

Heatshrink Sleeve Wire Protector

Heatshrink sleeve means that the teflon wires material contains a stabiliser that slows the loss of physical properties as heat increases. This makes electrical sleeve insulation wrap made of the ptfe material a heat resistant wire sleeve.

PTFE wire sleeves are subjected to continuous and extreme high temperature environments, such as engine manifolds and exhaust systems. Similar to wire sleeve, ptfe cable sleeving is used to protect wiring, and it is used in cable management systems.

Wire Sleeve and Cable Manufacturers

A handful of heat sleeving, called ptfe cable sleeving, do not stimulate fire and prevent it from spreading to other locations. A wide range of cable sleeving in various quality are available in the market. Depending on its intended function, some are insulated with rubber and others with plastic. Teflon heat shrink sleeves are designed to keep circuits intact and perform for a set amount of time under specific situations.

Also ptfe teflon is the most popular material choices for heatshrink sleeve and braided sleeving.


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