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Teflon Coated Wires

Teflon Coated Wires

SSI Cables and wires also manufacture and delivers Teflon coated wires. Cables are basically having large commercial use but Teflon Coated wires have multiple uses in industry to household where the wires need a good durable strength to resist all kind of environment and harsh conditions like chemical plant and electrical industry.

What is Teflon Coated Wires ?

Basically Teflon coated wires are tape wrapped wires with uniform thickness and insulation this around a central conductor and the wires insulated by a process where they get coated by a tough synthetic material so that the wires can be protected from tough conditions like water, moisture, heat and harsh surfaces.

In these vast conditions the Teflon coated wires do not get damaged very easily as the outer layer is highly insulated with Teflon which gives a high durability to the wires inside which results in very high flexibility of Teflon coated wires without losing its electrical qualities and delivers the expectation from the Teflon wires. Teflon coated wires are one of the unique products manufactured by SSI Cables and wires.

As SSI Cables and committed to deliver durable wires with versatile features. SSI Cables and wires manufactured wires gives the assurance to deliver all the features of an idle wire.

What is the advantages of Teflon Coated Wire ?

You can use Teflon wire for reliable insulation. It is commonly used in aerospace applications, petroleum and aircraft processing, industrial ovens, household appliances, cooking equipment, and more. Teflon wire is the best choice when it comes to carrying out tasks wherein the temperature exceeds 150°C

PTFE is resistant to lubricants and fuels, very flexible, plus it has excellent thermal and electrical properties. Particularly suitable for applications requiring high levels of thermal and chemical resistance. Due to this feature, PTFE Cable doesn't melt so easily and lasts very long.


Teflon cable manufacturer uses PTFE coated mandrels and wires are designed to be reusable and come in various custom sizes & lengths. Their Discrete mandrel and continuous cable coating is compatible with a variety of metals including, but not limited to, stainless steel, silver plated copper, and Nitinol. They come in various shape and sizes and diameter. SSI Cables and wires manufacture PTFE Cable with all this quality materials. We employ a range of fluoropolymer coatings, including our proprietary rilslix coating. Our rilslix coating incorporates a unique surface chemistry that has been optimized for use as a processing aid in catheter manufacturing. rilslix compounds have been designed with PFOA free, REACH compliant materials. All coatings are compatible with discrete, tapered and continuous cables reliable for all kind of Industrial use due to PTFE Cable manufacturer.


Features & Benefits

Mechanically tough and flexible

Excellent temperature performance

Very high dielectric performance

Non flammable / Flame resistant

Excellent chemical resistance

Silver and Nickel plated conductors

Water repellent

Voltage Rating

250/300, 600 & 1000 volts

Operating Temperature BS 3G 210

-75°C to +190°C (Silver plated copper)

-75°C to +260°C (Nickel plated copper)

Operating Temperature Nema HP3

-75°C to +200°C (Silver plated copper)

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