PTFE Multicore Cables

PTFE Multicore Cables

A ptfe insulated multicore cable is a type of electrical cable that combines multiple signals or power feeds into a single jacketed cable. This jacket adds significant mechanical protection, making the flexible multicore cable much more rugged. A multi core wire cable has an outer sheath which surrounds all of the inner conductors. The multi core wire is extremely versatile and are used for all kind of applications, especially those which would otherwise call for a high volume of cables.

Industrial Applications of Multicore Cable -

The flexible multicore cable is often used to simplify the physical setup of a system and provide a neater connection between two pieces of equipment.
Resistance to fire, chemicals, acids, sunlight, moisture and corona. A multi core wire cable can be used for analog and digital signals as well as power distribution.
Multicore cables are also used extensively in entertainment, with concert venues and theatres often utilising cables combining power, data and AV to avoid a tangled mass of cables running across the stage!
Flexible multicore cables are often joined with power cables for CCTV use, meaning that only one cable has to be run to provide a both video and power connections.


A multicore cable takes almost 40% less space than cables with similar functions. By combining multiple conductors with different functionalities in one cable, we end up saving space. PTFE Multicore coaxial cables are often used in electronic equipment and for applications where space is limited, such as aircraft and medical equipment.

SSI Cable and Wire Company Manufactures Multicore cable of all types -

We manufacture a variety of PTFE insulated multicore cables in small-to-large gauge, solid as well as stranded prominently used for making internal connections inside electrical or electronic devices. Our multi core wire satisfy the International Standard as well as Indian Standard of Acts.


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