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PTFE Multicore Cables

We plan and manufacture of a wide cluster of PTFE Multicore Cables according to our Customer's prerequisites. SSI Cables take Guarantee of their manufactured PTFE Cables if they happen to be flawed. We purchase best quality and staggered tried crude materials to manufacture. We are supported by mechanically Advanced Infrastructure and a group of profoundly expert architects having knowledge in assembling of best PTFE coated cable.

,Best PTFE Coated Cable Manufacturer offers the cables that are tape wrapped wires having uniform protection thickness around the focal channel contrasted with the wires protected by expulsion process. PTFE is higher evaluation protecting polymer contrasted with different fluorocarbons that are utilized in expulsion process. PTFE Wires, links have a lot more noteworthy flawlessness.

We, SSI Cables have numerous long periods of industry experience; we are effectively assembling and trading a wide scope of PTFE Insulated items like PTFE coated cable, PTFE Insulated Multicore Cables, PTFE Sleeves, PTFE Insulated Heating Cables. These items conveys themselves highlights like warmth obstruction, latent to synthetic compounds, against destructive and scraped area, invulnerable to maturing, water and greases, stable at high voltage and frequencies and others.


Best PTFE Coated Cable Manufacturer


  • Abrasion resistance
  • Moisture proof nature
  • Good conductivity


  • High efficiency in extreme temperatures.
  • Unaffected by virtually all the chemicals.
  • Complete insolubility in all known solvents below 300°C.
  • Excellent chemical, thermal and electrical stability.


  • Complete satisfaction
  • Our products have gained huge popularity in the market
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