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PTFE Flexible Wires


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Flexible wires are electrical cables specially designed to deal with the tight bending and physical stress related to moving applications, like inside cable carriers. For large ampacity, diesel locomotive wire, known as flexible PTFE, is the most flexible of all cables. They consist of hundreds of very small strands in flexible cable 3 core are made for use in confined spaces.

The use of 2 core flexible wire conduits of this type can simplify the changing, replacement, and upgrading of particular sections of a system. Even in industrial applications when a component part of a machine is to have different locations of operation essentially the particular component is to be always connected to the 4 core flexible cable power source for the part to function and perform.

Flexible Cable Wire Systems are Simple to Change

Most high-quality 3 core 1.5 sq mm flexible cable price on the market are rated for some degree of flexibility. In applications where a Flexible Electrical Wire is appropriate, one end of the cable is normally stationary while the other moves. The multicore flexible cable in this application are not constantly shifting.

Referring to flexible coaxial cables -

So essentially a flexible multicore cable is the final connecting link from power source to portable electronic devices and flexible electrical wire. While permanant installations are hard wired, utility items say like cofee maker, Laptop, electrical toys etc are not permanantly connected to one power outlet as they supposed to be portable and flexible electrical wire.

Flexible wire and cable manufacturers
SSI Cables - Future-proofing your setup is considerably easier with flexible teflon

Thanks to SSI Cables the way flexible PTFE conduit provides for flexible cable wire arrangement and organization. SSI Cables introducing an innovative flexible cable wire has power to offer a wide range of benefits, including reduced contact stress and reduced mating and de-mating pressures typically associated with circular connections with large shell diameters. The high temperature flexible cable has power of great flexibility which allows it to be bent and routed in extremely tight spaces without wrinkling or cracking of the teflon insulation.

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