Teflon cables

PTFE Multipair Cables

PTFE Multipair Cables comprise of gatherings of protected conductors that are first contorted into sets before being cabled together in a similar structure as multi conductor links. This link type is utilized widely in the PC and correspondences businesses. There are wide assortments of Multipair Cable developments accessible including unshielded, in general protected, exclusively protected matches, or even separately protected sets with a general shield.

PTFE wires are known to be the best dielectric. The fundamental capacity of PTFE cables is to transmit high recurrence vitality and sign with low misfortune, with reflection less coordinating and without Phase and Amplitude contortion.

Insulated HR cable discovers to use in almost every sort of electrical, electronic and designing industry. PTFE protected multi-center links are required particularly for high temperature and high recurrence applications.

PTFE Multipair Cables are accessible with screen or without screen. Screening is required any place there is have to shield the transmitting signals from outer electric and electromagnetic clamors. The links are accessible in different curved arrangements, for example, packed contorting, numerous pair turning and various groups of three bending. Links up to 100 centers can be made upon client's solicitation.


HR cable


  • High tensile strength
  • Durable standard
  • Superior strength


  • Flame resistant PTFE finish support
  • Different finish specifications


  • Resist temperature
  • PTFE finish support
  • Suitability
  • Quality assured range
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