PTFE Multipair Cables

PTFE Multipair Cables

SSI Cables have expertise in manufacturing multiple types of PTFE cables and wires out of these there is one wire called PTFE Multipair cables basically the PTFE multipair cables are multiple paired cables in one single cable many PTFE cables form a pair and these pair of multiple cables form a single cable called PTFE Multipair cables.

PTFE Multipair Cables types of cables have very high flexible life and these wires can easily sustain extreme temperatures and chemical environments as few industries demands very high reliability of wires in extreme temperature and chemical environments specially in chemical plants these wires need to perform with their electrical properties in all these kinds of tough environment maintaining.

Reliability of PTFE Multipair Cables also keeping in mind the various industry standards and various industries interface and their needs due to which these wires need to survive well.

SI manufactured PTFE wire performs well because these wires posses’ unique properties of PTFE consisting of electrical and mechanical properties as these high quality wires are manufactured by SSI Cables and wires.

PTFE Multipair cables have very high reliability as they have unique electrical and mechanical properties of PTFE as these wires are required for high reliability and strength. Multi pair cables are widely used in telecom industry, electronics and networking industry. It has been seen that in networking industry data load is very high due to which it requires PTFE Multipair cables with very high reliability and SSI Cables and wires manufactures best quality of PTFE wires and cables.


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