ptfe High Temperature Wire

PTFE High Temperature Wires

SSI cables and wires have a very high range of PTFE wires. SSI Cables also deals in high temperature PTFE wires these wires can resists high temperature ranging from 250 degree centigrade to 260 degree centigrade at such a high temperature these wires are stable and working fine this happens due to these wires inertness as this prevents these wires to form cross linking high and harder thermo set which in turn will minimizes the flammability.

PTFE High Temperature Wire allows these wires PTFE high temperature wires to act as a excellent insulation for thermal or electrical and thermal insulation and another quality is that these PTFE wires will not get affected at low temperatures also at low temperatures these wires will maintain a very good flexibility strength without compromising any of its wire functions as SSI manufactured.

PTFE has a very strong molecular structure with repeated atoms of carbon with fluorine atoms due to this basically these wires is not wetted with water as both carbon and fluorine atoms minerals are dissolved to sulfuric acid which results in creation of hydrofluoric acid as a result this acid is formed to develop tetraflouroethylene resins and these are very desirable properties of PTFE. Due to this property SSI manufactured PTFE wires do not get easily wetted into water as fluorine molecule is highly electronegative.


PTFE HighTemperature Cables
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