ptfe High Temperature Wire

PTFE High Temperature Wires

We present ourselves as one of the main producers and exporters of PTFE High Temperature Wire, High Voltage ptfe Wires, High Frequency claim to fame PTFE Wires and PTFE Cable.

With the utilization of everyday expanding most recent innovations utilization of IT and hardware have quickly expanded. These days everybody is progressively mindful of web and fundamental electronic innovations which have given a development to the IT area, individuals are all the more sending themselves towards web and IT showcase, just to adapt up the requirements of expanding electronic innovation in day by day schedule utilization of electronic apparatuses have expanded radically for which wire lines are additionally expanding.

Because of quick development of systems electrical wires are been associated wherever in this way made a blast in the wiring market. For this SSI Cables have made PTFE wires which are very protected and uniquely intended to withstand against high temperatures and break safe.

SSI Cables manufactures excellent PTFE wires using PTFE, Polyamide, Fiber Glass, copper wires and other High Temperature protections. For over 30 years of involvement in this field Tonk and partners makes and fares their items like PTFE Wires which are adaptable, polymer jacketed, stun safe, semi unbending, idle to warm , acids, high temperature, electric stuns, inflammable, high conductivity, ideal quality.


PTFE HighTemperature Cables


  • Easy to fix
  • Resistant to heat
  • Accurate dimension


  • Used Metal: Bare Copper and NPC
  • Wire/Cable Sizes: 25 Square mm. to 10 square mm.
  • Color: Multiple color available
  • Length: As per client demands


  • Premium quality
  • Trusted manufacturer
  • Very reasonable range of prices
  • High international standards of quality
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