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PTFE Braiding Cables

We manufacture the PTFE cables which are flexible, shock resistant, polymer jacketed, heat resistant, etc. The PTFE Braiding Cables are made inflammable with high conductivity and optimum strength to bear load. The coating is done with semi- rigid structure.

We makes the PTFE cables which are adaptable, stun safe, polymer jacketed, heat safe, and so on. The PTFE Cables are manufacturer inflammable with high conductivity and ideal solidarity to endure load. The covering is finished with semi-unbending structure. We offer excellent electrical links, which is a long, circularly symmetric structure with a dielectric which works at moderately high electrical pressure and this dielectric is secured with a semi-conductive shield, along these lines framing a link center on which a metallic ground shield is connected.

We are perhaps the biggest producer of a wide range of sorts of wiring and cabling, and that incorporates our whole PTFE wire line directly from PTFE Cables, PTFE Braiding Cables, Multi Core Cables and to High Temperature Power Cables.

These Cables are imperative for estimations of exact temperatures at remote estimation focuses. The way from the thermocouple sensor to the estimating instrument is of most extreme significance, particularly in tasks where exact temperature control is fundamental. The objective is to utilize comparative metallic materials and thermoelectric properties as the thermocouple they are combined with. With both of these PTFE Braiding Cables they achieve something very similar through various methods. An augmentation link is fundamentally a similar material (metal) as the thermocouple it is serving.


ptfe cables manufacturer


  • Longer life
  • Fine finish
  • Precise quality
  • Power/Voltage: 1100V
  • Application: Data Transfer Signal


  • Provide for optimal charging efficiency
  • Stainless steel reinforced infrastructure
  • Nylon fabricated jacket for providing more strength to cables
  • Braided copper shielding support
  • Wire core made with 99.3% copper
  • Cables designed to generate very little heat


  • Electrical stability and weather resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • High Strength
  • Excellent flexibility
  • High thermal properties
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