PTFE Braiding Cables

PTFE Braiding Cables

Braiding cable is a type of shielding that consists of fine metallic strands, tightly woven together into a meshed tube-like formation. Braided copper wire is usually used around a center conductor with insulation between to shield the center conductor from outside electrical interference.

Braided teflon wire is easier to insulate and also is less subject to breakage from movement. At high frequencies a conductor carries most current in the outer area of its cross section. PTFE high temperature stranded wire increases this area for a given wire size and improves conductivity at increasing AC frequencies. Solid braided ptfe wire is easier and cheaper to make and is used where a more rigid connection is required.

Braided wire Electrical Properties

Braided wire offers a shielding to the signal from external interference and still remains flexible. The same goes for ptfe high temperature stranded wire, its major use is allowing flexibility for use in elevators and any other use that requires movement of the wire itself.

Braiding cable along with stranded wire is used where movement of the wire will regularly happen with usage. The strands can flex without becoming work hardened and brittle, causing it to break. Braided ptfe wire is capable of being bent many times before breaking and is used in areas where constant movement is expected, for example the earth lead on car battery wire.

If you tried to use solid braided electrical wire for a cord it would be to stiff and would break after a number of times being bent at the same point. Braided wire electrical cords, automotive, and boat wiring require stranded. Vibration in cars and boats would eventually cause the braided wire to work harden in spots and break. Wiring in homes can be solid because there is essentially no vibration or movement happening.

Braiding Cable Manufacturers

SSI Cable offers high performance braided cables such as Lightweight Braided Teflon and insulated braided PTFE. They provide excellent braided copper wire shielding and lightning protection.


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