HFFR wires

HFFR wires

Halogen free fire retardant cable is HFFR cable whose materials are not processed with the elements of the halogen group. As non-conductors, halogens such as ptfe teflon are excellent insulators and are therefore often used as jacket material for fire retardant cable. They are applied in public spaces, where people live, work and move. HFFR cables have already been used for many years in different industries.

These Halogen free cables are better than ‘ordinary cables’ when it comes to fire safety, and are less harmful. Any location where people spend a great deal of time, such as public buildings, workplaces, and public transportation sites needs a great level of protection and safety. Halogen free cable compounds have been used in a number of applications in the cabling industry since the 1970s.

Fire Retardant Cable

As their name suggests, HFFR is practically Halogen free cable & ensures that people trapped in fire can breathe easy facilitating better chances of their rescue. In addition, this industrial locations and vital communication sites such as data centers also need adequate protection in a fire event where flame retardant cables are used. Also, they ensure that in the unlikely event of a fire, the cables will retard its spread.

Fire retardant cable are halogen-free in the composition of the ptfe. Fire retardant cable do not contain any heavy metal based stabilisers or softeners, and the additives for flame protection are environmentally safe. Huge fire events have raised more awareness towards the fire retardant cable usage of HFFR compounds in cables.

HFFR wire and cable manufacturer

Built for the protection of human safety, SSI Halogen free cables provide you with the security and are safe, reliable, fire retardant, flame retardant, lead free and non-toxic in composition. PTFE containing Halogen free cables can be identified by the chemical elements in their names, such as the previously mentioned fire retardant cable, ptfe, teflon, etc. If you want to or have to use halogen free cables, make sure that these consist of flame retardant cables insulation such as PTFE Teflon.


HFFR wires
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