ABC (Annealed Bare Copper)

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Annealed Bare Copper

Copper wires are very essential wires as copper are good conductor of electricity with very good flexibility and durability. Due to these properties Copper wires are used in binding motors and transformers because copper is a solid but copper is also soft enough to bend and wrap around corners which is ideal for electrical motors. Annealed bare copper wire is hard drawn solid and soft copper wires with annealed rounds.

Annealed bare copper wire at SSI Cables and wires manufactured by heating hard drawn copper wire in vacuum furnace to obtain superior conductivity and flexibility than normal hard copper wires.

Annealed bare copper wire can be manufactured using high end technology adhering to strictly set industrial guidelines with quality approved leads.

These copper wires are used in electrical and electronics industries, Machineries used in industries, Winding of electrical motors, Electroplating, Transformers which are used in power transmission, Copper plating and many more.SSI Cables and wires manufactures best quality of annealed bare copper wire keeping in mind it use in industries as well as in common household electrical goods where motor is used.


Annealed Bare Copper
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