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PTFE Cables are the most durable and tough quality cables as these are insulated with Polytetrafluoroethylene which is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene, a kind of polymer plastic. You will be impressed with the excellent mechanical composition that a PTFE insulated cable can offer. Due to the perfect mechanical composition, you may use ptfe coaxial cable for numerous applications that you have to deal with in day-to-day life.

PTFE teflon is very flexible but very tough and durable material due to tetrafluoro polymer inside which gives it a very strong and properties to sustain any kind of harsh conditions where the wires can get scratched, cut or burn.

Composites & laminates engineered for corrosive environment & severe temperature. Moisture is not good for electric wires at all, however, when you are using a PTFE cable, you can overcome that worry as well. That’s because the ptfe insulated cable is boasting zero moisture at all times.

Key Advantages of PTFE Teflon as Insulation Material on Wires and cables:

  • Teflon Fire Retardant Cable is non propellant to flame.
  • PTFE cable is Inertness to almost all chemicals.
  • These are compensating cables with excellent thermal stability suitable for use from -65°C to +260°C
  • The PTFE coaxial cables carries the best dielectric properties in any flexible insulation.
  • Unaffected by lubricants, hydraulic fluids and aircraft fuels.
  • Immune to ageing, fungus and water absorption.
  • Teflon high temperature cable withstands over heating due to temporary current over loads.
  • PTFE insulated cable often has smaller size, more flexible, lighter weight and much higher reliability.

We’re producing high-performance PTFE ptfe multicore cable, ptfe coaxial cable, ptfe hookup wire, and more useful PTFE Teflon HV cables.

PTFE cable Manufacturers - SSI Cables

Now you are aware of all the benefits that ptfe insulated cables can deliver. If you are looking to buy PTFE cables, you can quote at what SSI Cables provides. We manufacture the high temperature ptfe cable according to the highest quality standards.

SSI Cables design and manufactures a wide variety of ptfe coaxial cable and custom 3 core teflon cable.


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