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SSI Cables is one of the best PTFE cable manufacturers & exporters in India

SSI Cables Products is one of the premier names checked among the best ptfe Cable manufacturers in India,We are also PTFE Cable provider and exporters of a wide scope of best PTFE Cable in India. PTFE cable manufacturers & exporters in India.

We gives choice to our client to modifying our items so as to suit their particular necessities, which is an expansion to assembling the particular design of these Cables . Our ptfe Cables manufacturers are tremendously well known in the universal market for their manufacturing of high toughness and cost viability Cables.

What is PTFE cable ?

PTFE Cable are pairs of PTFE wire to obtain a flexible but sustainable durable and tough bunch of wires to form a cable system that can be used to resist high and heavy temperatures or maybe very high data load. When there is a massive load of temperature and data on cables then it gets heated and may burn easily so your site can catch fire due to the wire getting burned.

PTFE Cables are the most durable and tough quality cables as these cables are insulated with PTFE and PTFE means Polytetrafluoroethylene which is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene a kind of polymer plastic.

It's Very flexible but very tough and durable material due to tetrafluoro polymer inside which gives it a very strong and properties to sustain any kind of harsh conditions where the wires can get scratched, cut or burn.

To protect these circumstances heavy-duty cables are insulated with PTFE to resist fire accidents due to wires catching fire due to heavy load.To avoid these mishappening PTFE Cables are the best options. SSI Cables and wires are the best in manufacturing PTFE Cables.

What is the Advantages of PTFE Calbe ?

Extremely low dielectric constant Excellent dielectric strength High temperatures resistance High melting point Thermal Stability


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