ptfe hook up wire

PTFE Hook-Up Wire

What is Hook Up Wire?


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The Hook up wire is a type of copper wire with a single, ptfe insulated conductor, that is either solid or multiple thinner strands bundled to equal a thicker gauge. PTFE Hook up wire is small-to-medium gauge, solid or stranded, teflon insulated wire, used for making internal connections inside electrical or electronic devices. Teflon insulated hookup wire is often tin-plated to improve solderability.

PTFE Hook Up Wire is the best quality of raw material in a perfect ratio is used to manufacture our offered wires and cables. These ptfe hookup wires are precisely tested for tested conductivity, tensile strength by our dexterous professional which helped us to come up with such distinct range. Teflon insulated hookup wire and cables are available in full range of sizes and shapes at industry-leading prices

The Hook up wire - Key Applications

The high temperature hook up wire is a single insulated conductor that is used for low current, low voltage (usually under 1000 volts) applications within enclosed electronic equipment. It can operate under extreme temperature that may range from -40 deg. C to 105 deg. Celsius. The high temperature hook up wire comes with color coded PTFE insulation and is corrosion proof.

Hook up wire, is also known as a lead wire, is a single core teflon insulated hookup wire used in the internal wiring of electronic and electrical equipment.

Specific applications include motors, transformers, switchboard, panels, rectifier and electronic circuits.

Teflon Hook up Wire is frequently used in control panels, automotive, meters, ovens, internal wiring of computers, electronic equipment, business machines, and appliances.

Our Hook up wire is most often used within enclosed electronic equipment, and certain types may even be used in challenging military applications.

High temperature hook up wire Manufacturers - SSI Cables

We have in store for our clients a wide range of teflon insulated hookup wires. Our range of high temperature hook up wire is known to exhibit excellent insulation, heat resistance and tolerance to a wide temperature range. Our hook up wires contains no halogens, phthalates or heavy metal, which eliminate the hazardous substances. The teflon insulated hookup wire has superior dielectric properties that make reduced wall thickness while maintain the same electrical properties as PVC. Even with thinner walls, our PTFE hookup wires offers far more better resistance to PVC-based wire.

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