PTFE Ignition Wires

PTFE Ignition Wires

An ignition cable is any wire carrying high voltage to the spark plug wire. It transmits electrical power to the spark plug cable for a specific time and duration to ignite the fuel in the engine’s combustion chamber. Spark plug wires transfer the spark from the distributor or ignition cable to the plugs. The subsequent spark ignites the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber of your engine.

The ignition cable carries the electric current from the alternator to the next point of usage. Here the electronic device used the current to fire the spark plug cable which in turn burn the fuel which enters the combustion chamber. It can be either the plug wire between the coil and the distributor or between distributor and spark wire.

On newer computer run cars, each spark plug cable has its own spark coil as an integral part of its plug wire, fired by the computer, so a single coil and distributor are no longer used. This spark wire terminal controls the car's ignition switch wiring and other electrical features. On older cars they would run from the ignition wire to the distributor, then from the distributor to the individual spark plug wire.

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PTFE Ignition cable is specifically designed by SSI Cables to provide outstanding working presentation at a very high temperature. Due to this a very high grade teflon coating matterial, we produce the kind of spark wires so that the very high growing demands for PTFE spark plug wires can meet. And we’ve got a huge production facility to avail these kind of PTFE ignition cables specifically to be used in industries as industries are growing the demand for PTFE ignition switch wiring is also growing.

Diesel engines don't use a spark wire for ignition, instead compressing the fuel until it ignites in the combustion chamber. Note that more and more modern cars have the spark wires directly on the ignition cable to avoid huge cable within the engine bay.


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