FR wire or fire resistant wire

FR wire

There should be no vulnerability to cables in the case of fire.
Therefore, we need to ensure fire safety for cables.
Fire safety is very essential because if fire safety is not taken care of, then it can be hazardous for human life as well as the nearby environment.
Hence, two major types of fire safety cables are used. Types of cables are flame-resistant cables and flame-retardant cables.
Flame-resistant cables are made of a material which is inherently resistant to catching fire (that is, flame-resistant is self-extinguishing).
FR wire does not melt or drip when exposed directly to extreme heat.
In this post, we will discuss the difference between flame-resistant and flame-retardant cables.
The cables are widely used for the transmission of power and signals.
The cables are the backbone of the electrical system.
Flame retardant cables will continue to operate in case of fire, but they resist the fire and burn very slowly.
Flame-retardant cables prevent the fire from spreading by reducing the amount of heat that is released from a fire.
This way, the flame retardant cable also reduces the potential for the fire to spread.
Hence, flame retardant cables suppress the process of combustion. &
Fire retardant cables are the ones that can resist fire.
They are chemically treated to self extinguish.
Even if the intensity of fire continues for a longer time then it can resist the spread of fire.
These are basically designed to encounter situations where there is a need to retard the spread of fire along a cable route.
They are more preferred because of their low cost and more often used to maintain circuit consistency of safety systems. For example fire alarms. Fire resistant intended for use in flame circumstances where the spread of blazes along a cable course should be impeded. fire retardants are intended to back off the spread of flame. as copper does not liquefy effectively except if the wires are short or grounded they keep on passing current. some have a higher imperviousness to fire and some have a low imperviousness to fire. if you don’t mind be more particular . Fire retardant cables can discharge less harmful smoke and difficult to flame, so they can give individuals more opportunity to left the perilous region or stay away from the blast. These cables focus on security of human life. External coat of the cables are of fire resistant material just, which doesn’t permit fire proliferation. It is estimated according to IS 10810 Part 53 or IEC 60332 Part 1. This condition can be additionally looked from changed edge i.e. on the off chance that wellspring of flame (warm) is more than at 21 percent additionally cable can go about as fuel. For such condition temperature list is estimated, or, in other words the scope of 250 to 350 °C. In this manner till such high temperatures cables don’t go about as fuel. It is estimated according to IS 10810 Part 64 or ASTM D 2863. & Ensure utmost safety in your home with V-Guard Flame Retardant Flexible Cables. Made with innovative technology and high-grade materials, these wires are equipped with triple-layer insulation, guaranteeing enhanced electrical and fire safety. Our Flame Retardant Flexible Cables are made of 99.97% pure copper enabling the highest conductivity and leading to lesser heating issues. This choice of material also ensures that there is less resistance and that wires have a long life. The finest quality raw materials ensure that copper retains its brightness and doesn’t turn black inside insulation, even in adverse site conditions. Also armed with PVC backend with high ageing properties enhances the life of the cable and the superior insulation resistance helps reduce leakage. These cables also exhibit high flame retardant properties with a capacity to withstand up to 70° C. The specially formulated PVC has self-extinguishing capability. Thus, in case of any fire, the flame retardant property ensures the fire does not travel through the wire and prevents the spreading of the fire to other areas of the home. What’s more than a 90 m ASSURED seal, a unique marking that ensures the length of the cable is nothing short of what it claims to be. Further, these wires are highly flexible enough to adapt to each turn and corner of your house for easy wiring. Also, the smooth surface offers increased easiness to be pulled easily in pipes during installation. These high-quality cables with online annealing prevent breaking of the copper strands when bent or twisted and have a voltage grade of up to and including 1100 V. Available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Grey & White colours, V-Guard Flame Retardant Flexible Cables are manufactured in compliance with BIS requirements at available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Grey & White colours. V-Guard Wires are manufactured in compliance with BIS requirements at ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 certified manufacturing plants. Bring home V-Guard Flame Retardant Flexible Cables and safeguard your home. & The best safety and rescue equipment cannot work without secured power supply. If the power supply is adversely affected, the systems themselves will have no power to provide their own critical functions. Fire resistant cables are designed to maintain circuit integrity of those vital safety and rescue equipment during the fire. In addition to maintaining circuit integrity under fire conditions, fire resistant cables have limited evolution of smoke and corrosive gases when affected by fire, thus safeguarding human life and protecting equipment.
Fire resistant cables are intended for applications requiring circuit integrity during a fire, such as;
1. Booster pump systems
2. Sprinkler systems
3. Emergency lighting - speakers
4. Fire and smoke detector systems
5. Rescue elevators
6. Alarm horns
7. Smoke exhaust system for aeration and ventilation.


FR wire
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