Ptfe High temperature cable

PTFE High Temperature Cables

PTFE High Temperature Cables can be generally insulated or every one of the centers can be independently protected or explicit no of centers can be protected and rest can be kept unshielded as required. High Temperature Cables are jacketed to give mechanical quality and authoritative to the link. The coat can be of PTFE or as required.

PTFE Cables development has been imagined to beat these issues, where sign and vitality are contained inside an encased space.

PTFE Cables comprise of gatherings of insulated conductors that are first curved into sets before being cabled together in a similar structure as multi conductor links. This link type is utilized broadly in the PC and correspondences businesses. There are wide assortments of multipair link developments accessible including unshielded, in general protected, separately protected combines, or even exclusively protected sets with a general shield.

When thinking about a PTFE Cables, it is imperative to think about crosstalk. Insulated Cables dispose of crosstalk with 100% exclusively secluded shields over each pair inside the link. For applications where expanded physical quality as well as predominant protecting from electrostatic obstruction is required, get some information about Multicable's MultiShield protecting.




  • Flexible
  • Light weight
  • Easrequiredy to install
  • No maintenance


  • Application: Heating
  • Insulation Material: PTFE
  • Conductor Type: Stranded
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  • Extreme temperatures
  • Insulated with suitable materials
  • High quality
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