PTFE High Temperature Cable

PTFE High Temperature Cable



High Temperature cable is often defined as a heat resistant wire with a temperature rating of 200°C or above. The high temperature ptfe cable can either be single-conductor or multiconductor. Typical cables are rated for 90°C so anything above that could be called high temperature wire and cables.

PTFE high temperature stranded wire is designed to operated where these options would melt. Operating temperatures of 200 to 400°C are allowable for certain high temperature flexible cable, and these are typically used in applications like ovens, furnaces and more likewise.

Along with resistance of high temperature, a PTFE cable would come along with a higher melting point as well. When current is being transferred through heat resistant wire, it needs to have a higher melting point so that heat proof wire will not be damaged due to the current that it is carrying. If you are using a high temperature ptfe cable, you shouldn't worry too much about that.

It will help you to use the high temperature cable for outdoor purposes, where there are high temperatures during the daytime.

And at higher temperatures different metals may be needed from teflon coating to nickel clad and above that we need exotic alloys or metals. With the molten metals cables can be over 1000°C and require special materials. Exactly what it says - high temperature cable is designed to function in different surfaces. We’ve thermocouple cable used in water cooling cables in some high temperature furnaces.

The HT cables are designed to safely operate in vary by type. HV cable for instance (high voltage cable) is rated for -20 to 105°C (-4 - 221°F). Thermocouple cable (Thermoplastic High heat proof wire with Teflon coated), regardless of its name, is rated for a maximum of 190°C.

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