HR cable

HR cable

HR cable is a heat resistant cable can be used in temperatures up to 180°C flame retardant applications. A good hr fr wire has the properties of flame retardant, PTFE material will be able to sit in a heat proof wire without catching fire, and if the flame is strong enough to ignite the PTFE insulation or sheath, it will self-extinguish once the flame source is removed from the hr cable.

The HR cable extreme flexibility is good for many electrical applications where PTFE insulation is needed. The heat resistant cables do not heat-up and are also chiefly demanded in reactor & process control, navy sector, high-temperature control value furnace & oven.

It is the action of heat proof wire delaying the spreading of fire for a time. For example, there are special teflon coatings act as a heat resistant cable inside electric fuse boxes and high performance industrial machines. These teflon coatings are made of materials that do “charring” when exposed to fire. The heat resistant wires are made to keep circuits intact and work for a certain amount of time under specific conditions.

HR FR wire

Heat Resistant fire retardant wires (hr fr wire) are used as power cables in plants where there is a high-temperature environment and ordinary PVC cables cannot be used such as near rotary kilns, furnaces, boilers, etc. Due to the high temperature around the furnace, the electrical wiring of motors, control panels, etc. near the furnace gets damaged very frequently. Which compels the replacement of cables at periodic intervals leading to precious loss of productivity. This problem is greatly reduced by using heat proof wire.
Flame resistant material is a material that withstands heat and flames up to a certain degree without losing any of heat resistant wire characteristics. Flame retardant is mostly a behavior of hr cable and can be presented by a material as a side characteristic or can be the job of a heat proof wire. This hr cable phrase is usually worked for teflon type materials and heat resistant wire since these are the material groups susceptible to fire.

If you are talking about heat resistant wire and electrical cabling, then the intent is to use cable that is flame resistant, and will work for a longer period of time before succumbing to fire and extreme heat. One other factor is the PTFE Teflon jacket; heat resistant cable has jacket material formulated to prevent toxic smoke. Manufactured by SSI Cables and Wires with high quality of precision techniques.

SSI cables can meet HR cable specifications.

SSI Cables and wires are engaged in offering the finest hr fr wire (Heat Resistant Cables) that are demanded in several industries, such as atomic energy satellites, computers, heavy-duty motors, aircraft radar & navigation, etc. These HR cables are rich in EMC characteristics and flexible at low temperatures. SSI Cab’s heat resistant wires are completely protected against mechanical damage and can withstand extreme temperatures.

The hr fr wire test’s raw material procurement aspects are very stringent, the supplier’s products, then the quality, price, and service of the entire process, from manufacture,
transportation, sales, and other quality control issues.


High-rise structures, subways, underground retail malls, power plants, and large industrial and mining businesses all use heat resistant cable for fire Protection and fire Rescue. A heat resistant wire is one that can operate safely for an extended period of time under flame-burning conditions. The heat resistant cables are made to prevent a fire from spreading to another region.


HR cable
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