Solar Cable

Solar Cable

A category with increasing demand, the Solar Cable from SSI is UV protected teflon wires that last for decades in the sun. In response to a fast-growing need for energy and to government subsidies. The solar dc cable industry in general is getting more and more attention everyday owing to the fact that this is the most promising environment friendly industry. These solar panel wires can be used indoor & outdoor for flexible and fixed installations with high mechanical strength in extreme weather conditions.

Solar Wires & Cables are specially designed for connecting UV Modules for complete solar system installation. The solar cable is UV protected with lowest conductor resistance and high mechanical strength for varying weather conditions. The dc wire for solar can be used indoor, outdoor, in hazard explosion areas, in industry and agriculture.

Solar DC cable

The solar dc cable is used to install on-grid and off-grid solar system, street light, home lighting system and other dc solutions-based system. They are dedicated to the photovoltaic system direct current (D.C.) side with a nominal D.C. voltage of a 1.5kV.

UV protected ptfe cables are must for solar dc cable installations as the regular wires go brittle in a year to exposed to the sunlight. A direct current (DC) electric circuit consists of a source of DC electricity—such as a battery—with a conducting solar panel wire going from one of the source terminals to a set of electric devices and then back to the other terminal, in a complete circuit.

DC wire for solar is expected to have a significant role in resolving the world’s energy crisis.

Solar wire and cable manufacturer

As solar cable specialists, we offer innovative solutions on projects which rely on both sustained operational performance with minimum maintenance and an efficient initial solar panel wire set up. SSI Solar cables are designed to withstand the demanding environmental conditions that arise in any fixed, mobile, roof or architecturally integrated photovoltaic installation.

SSI Cables solar panel wires are designed to meet the growing needs of the solar industry. We’ve been successfully developing new technologies to capture energy from our environment in order to supply ‘green’ power to local and national networks.

Solar dc cables are suitable for applications in equipment with protective teflon wires insulation. SSI solar cables is just the beginning of our plans to develop and launch green technology in wires & cables. Our complete solar cable solutions have also contributed to the completion of some of India’s largest solar generation plants.

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