Ptfe Insulated Cables

PTFE Insulated R.T.D. Cable

SSI Cables and wires is a house of manufacturing perfect cables and wires to fulfill the essential needs of common household as well as the industrial and commercial needs for wires and cables with customized wires and cables also as per the customer requirement.

Whether it is a control cable or high voltage cable SSI Cables and wires have touched the perfection in manufacturing all kinds of wires and cables. PTFE Insulated wires are highly heat resistant wires, not only heat resistant but they also have good durability and longer life as these wires cannot be cut very easily and these wire do not even melt easily as a result it gives a longer life to the wires.

PTFE Insulated RTD Cable is basically temperature sensor wires.

These wires are used to measure the temperature using a very simple principle which is, metal will change its resistance when there will be a change in the temperature and for the application of PTFE Insulated RTD Cable electrical charge is released and transmitted from a metal piece which we called Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) sensor or we can say resistor which is located in a near distance.

RTD Cables are used in laboratory to get accurate and genuine measurements for various kinds of temperature range. SSI has all kinds of RTD cable.


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